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Giving  $250 or more annually to Women's Lobby of Colorado (which can be done today or over the year) helps us do the work to pass policies that protect and promote women's equity in Colorado.

These larger donations allow us to continue our trajectory to becoming a staffed organization that can advocate for the many needs of women, including rights of survivors of sexual violence and harassment, the economic rights of all women, the needs of children which Colorado women prioritize, improving women's access to quality health care, fighting systematic discrimination women and others face, protecting women's reproductive rights, and much more. 

We strive to take an intersectional approach led by our members - individual and organizational - to ensure all women's voices are represented. We are continuing to grow in our membership - including organizations that represent women of color, young women, women of different income levels, women from different parts of the state, and organizations that represent the diverse needs of women.

Thank you to all major donors who are helping us reach out goal of helping more women and families in Colorado.